Taylormade Caskets (Masterton, New Zealand)

Taylormade Caskets (Masterton, New Zealand)

35% Increase in Factory Productivity

“Prior to using Empower Software we used to use cheat sheets (ie timesheets) where workshop staff at day end manually recorded their job times which were ‘a complete work of fiction’.  Job times recorded were typically 20% to 40%+ inaccurate and regularly job times were 100% inaccurate as jobs that staff worked on the staff wrongly did not record any time on those jobs at all…

Since last year we have increased production and revenue by 35% without increasing workshop staff or hours worked.  This has made an enormous improvement to our profit…

Empower is the tool we use to manage our core business firstly, ensuring we budget labour correctly in the first place and secondly ensuring we deliver the substantial majority of our jobs on budgeted time.  We should have put Empower Software into our business 10 years earlier”

Dean Taylor, Director, +64 21 486 233