Tasker Joinery – September 2012

Tasker Joinery – September 2012

Turning a business on its head

“Empower Software is turning Tasker Joinery’s business on its head.

Our figures confirm that a 15% increase in our factory productivity will increase our annual profit by an estimated 45% per year, which is phenomenal business improvement and performance.

Greg Tasker, Director said that: “for the first time in many years I enjoy coming to work. I am no longer stressed as I am now in control of our entire labour force and know that all our management and staff are fully aware of times required and fully accountable to meet their times. I feel all my management and staff are now ‘in the same boat and rowing in the same direction’. This has enabled me to be much less worried about projects and our performance and I am already starting to reduce my hours to more ‘normal’ working hours.”  

Brett Handley, Capstone Business Consultants – business advisor to the joinery and furniture industries.