Combo Industries (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Combo Industries (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

15% to 20% Less Time on Jobs.  15% to 20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“Previously we used manual times sheets. Our workshop staff tried to remember then recorded their jobs and times on jobs at day end, many times were “fudged” by staff. They used to take each staff member approximately 10 minutes each to complete daily, which across 15 staff totals 2.5 hours per day, 12.5 hours per week of lost production and lost chargeable time totalling $1,000 per week (ie 12.5 hours times $80 per hour). Our administration staff used to take an additional 1.5 hours per day, 7.5 hours per week, collating and inputting times into our job cost spreadsheet, so wage cost, some $30 an hour, was an additional $225 per week. To produce my single job cost report from manual time sheets used to cost me $1,225 per week.

Empower cost me only $130 per week for the first 3 years and now I’m paying $49 per week. Moving from manual time sheets to Empower is saving me $1,176 per week and $61,152 per year. Plus I have gained all the additional benefits Empower Software provides: accurate times, real time reporting, reporting times of jobs and down to task level, reporting times of individual workshop staff, reporting real time jobs, staff and times on 55 inch TVs on office walls and workshop walls, job scheduling and a 15% to 20% reduction in job times and 15% to 20% reduction in labour cost on jobs “

Darryl Barber, Director, +61 8 8349 4366, +61 4 1884 2670