Delta Stock Crates (Fielding, New Zealand)

Delta Stock Crates (Fielding, New Zealand)

10% Increase in Factory Productivity

“We get accurate manufacturing data being captured in real time. We can instantly see who is working on what and report on, and analyse, up to the minute data – from individual staff times through to accumulated time on current jobs, or just a specific part or component being manufactured. This is invaluable for at driving factory productivity which in turn helps keep manufacturing costs down.  

Currently we use only a part of Empower Software.  We don’t use Scheduling at all and we don’t use some of the productivity reporting that I have seen other Empower clients use.  Regardless, I estimate we have achieved a 10% increase in our factory productivity by using Empower Software.

Our factory staff have endorsed Empower and there is now a greater awareness and interest in meeting their times on jobs and knowing “time is money”. The culture change has been quite refreshing.

Darryl Coleman, Director, +64 27 435 5386