Heat Tech Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)

Heat Tech Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)

20% to 25% Increase in Factory Productivity

“’Lie sheets’ my factory staff used to fill in at the end of every day. On our previous manual system we used to pay factory staff for poor performance. With Computers on the factory floor and Empower we pay factory staff accurately and fairly, which is a win win for my factory staff and the business.

In our business we employ staff of all backgrounds Indians, Japanese, Germans, Philippines and Kiwis, tradesman & non tradesmen, 20 to 60 years of age and of many religions. As production manager and owner it is necessary for me to be clear in all communications, accurate in production numbers presented and fair and equitable to all factory staff, which Empower allows me to do

We have secured a 20% to 25% increase in my factory productivity using Empower Software” Wolfgang Schoense, Owner and Production Manager, +64 9 418 1102