Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

20% to 40% Increase in Factory Productivity

In 3 full time production management roles for 3 businesses that I have worked for in the last 16 years I have increased each business’s factory productivity by in excess of 100% using Empower Software.

Of the 130+ joinery, engineering and other manufacturing clients’ businesses that I have consulted to and implemented Empower Software over the last 6 years, the substantial majority of my clients have secured factory productivity increases of between 20% and 40%.

Any manufacturer or engineer not tearing down their current manual, highly inaccurate and ineffective: production processes, labour management and scheduling and rebuilding them using Empower Software is a dinosaur”

David Lawrence, Owner Manager – Lean Manufacturing,
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