Manufacturing US, Arizona & California, USA

Manufacturing US, Arizona & California, USA

25% to 75% Less Time on Jobs.  25% to 75% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“In order for US manufacturers and engineers to be cost competitive on labour cost PCs on the factory floor and factory productivity software is now mandatory… Absolutely, there are no reasonable software solutions on the market for joiners, engineers and other manufacturers to match the capabilities, completeness, and low price point that Empower Software features. Empower is a weekly subscription based payment easily justified with high production and financial returns.

Using Empower Software and Empower-equipped tablet computers in the work environment, I anticipate a substantial majority of engineering and manufacturing clients will achieve a 25% to 75% reduction in Time-to-Complete for each task, depending on the complexity of the process and the required degree of oversight or production management”  

Bill Holt, Executive Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Consultant.