MARs Transport Equipment (Riverland, SA, Australia)

MARs Transport Equipment (Riverland, SA, Australia)

50%+ Increase in Factory Productivity

“Within six months of using the software we had turned our factory productivity on its ear, increasing it by an absolute minimum 30%. 

At eight years on using Empower Software we have increased our factory productivity by an estimated 50%.

We are now a much more competitive and stable business looking at growing sales, factory staff and annual profit. 

In hindsight, attempting to manage this business and attempting to manage factory staff for all those years without PCs on the factory floor and Empower time tracking software I was “pissing in the wind”.

Putting in Empower Software is the best thing I have done in my business since owning the business in 1987.”

Peter Morelli, Managing Director, +61 4 1883 9156 mb