Accurate Australia (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Accurate Australia (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

30% to 50% Less Time on Jobs.  30% to 50% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

Using Empower we have 30% to 50% less time on jobs therefore 30% to 50% less labour cost on jobs

The number of jobs we deliver to clients on due date has increased substantially using Empower.  Our DIFOT % (Delivered In Full On Time) is almost 100% monthly

My discussions with workshop staff are now backed up fully with accurate real time reporting, so I can be fair, equitable and professional

Our 50 inch TV screens on office walls and workshop walls, Empower always reporting all jobs, all staff and all job times in real time continuously throughout the day certainly increases workshop staff awareness, engagement and focus

Kate Honeyman, Production and Sales Administrator, +61 7 3881 3056