Matakana Kitchens and Joinery, (Matakana, New Zealand)

Matakana Kitchens and Joinery, (Matakana, New Zealand)

20% Less Time on Jobs. 20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“I estimate times on jobs are now 20% less using tablets on the workshop floor and Empower Software

I view Empower on 50 inch TV screens throughout the day in real time to see:
• which staff are working and which staff are not
• current job status (this saves me leaving my desk for approximate 10 minute walk to the workshop to sight each time)

I run Empower reports to back cost jobs accurately to 1) improve our quoting accuracy and 2) address with production management job times that significantly exceed budget”

Jeff Smith, Managing Director, +64 9 422 7804 wk