Canam Joinery (Auckland, New Zealand)

Canam Joinery (Auckland, New Zealand)

10% Less Time on Jobs. 10% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“We used to use manual time sheets which were highly inaccurate and incomplete.  Workshop staff could not remember the jobs they worked on so did not record those jobs and staff could not remember their job times and simply made them up.  

For 7 workshop staff manual time sheets used to cost us approximately $544 per week $26,700 per year in lost production time all workshop stopping work 10 minutes early filling them out daily and admin times and cost rekeying them into job costing program.  Empower subscription is only $99 per week – by stopping manual time sheets and using Empower Software instead saves us $445 per week and saves $21,805 per year”.

Angus Welton, General Manager, +64 21 833 161