Chapman Fabrications (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Chapman Fabrications (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

20% Less Time on Jobs.  20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“I ceased using manual time sheets and instead I now use tablets on my workshop floor and the Empower Workshop Productivity and Scheduling Software App, which costs $76 per week so for my 5 workshop staff I immediately saved approximately $300 per week and $14,700 annually.

I found the Empower Software App easy and relatively quick to put in and start using.

I would guess that is we turned off Empower Software then we would have no individual staff, job and task reporting of job times, therefore no workshop staff and no management transparency, awareness and accountability the would result would be jobs would take approximately 20% more time and 20% more labour cost.”

Simon Chapman, Managing Director, +61 4 0880 6086