B & M Joinery (Cromwell, New Zealand)

B & M Joinery (Cromwell, New Zealand)

25% Less Time on Jobs. 25% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“Previously we used manual time sheets that workshop staff filled in by hand at day end to record the jobs they worked on and the time they started, finished and spent on each job.  Manual time sheets are more accurately known as “Lie” sheets and “Cheat” sheets.  Manual time sheet information was “too little too late and too inaccurate”

Now that we have PCs on our workshop floor and Empower Software the culture of all our staff has changed entirely to consistently be job, productivity, time and profit focused.

We would recommend the Empower Software App to all manufacturers and engineers, as it is an essential tool to manage all your labour

Overall we estimate jobs take 25% less labour time at 25% labour cost.” 

Kate Munro, Director