Cowdroy Doors (Auckland, New Zealand)

Cowdroy Doors (Auckland, New Zealand)

30% Less Time on Jobs.  30% Less Labour Cost on Jobs (planned)

“We went live with using Empower Software on our workshop floor this morning.  Within 1 day we have moved from “manufacturing blind” to “manufacturing with 20 / 20 vision”.  Tablets on the workshop floor and the Empower Software app have dragged us out of the “Dark Ages” and into the “21st century…

It has taken me 5 days to watch Empower’s training videos, read the Empower Help system, use the Empower Easy Start system, and play with the software to then set up and start using Empower on our Workshop floor.  The phone and Zoom support several times a day over the 5 days from the Empower office has been great…

We confidently expect to achieve a 30% reduction in labour times on jobs therefore a 30% reduction in labour costs on jobs.”

Andrew Budgen, Production Manager, +64 204 184 2905