PM International (Auckland, New Zealand)

PM International (Auckland, New Zealand)

We consult to, and advise all forms of Manufacturing and Engineering Industries.

Small and Medium Scale Manufacturers and Engineers throughout Australia and New Zealand are currently broken into 4 Groups, as to how they manage and attempt to manage their Labour have seen and used a number of factory floor data collection software tools over the years both here in Australia and the UK, none as good as Empower Software.

1  Those who don’t track their staff times on Jobs at all. This is negligent management of their core business, which is Labour
2  Those who track their staff times on Jobs using manual time sheets. This is 100 plus year old system providing poor reporting and does not make individual staff time on jobs performance transparent and in any way accountable
3  Electronic time recording of individual staff on Jobs. This is little better than manual time sheets, above
4  Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software or equivalent is the complete labour management Software…

Roshan Gallage, Director, PM International