Landquip Engineering (Hastings, New Zealand)

Landquip Engineering (Hastings, New Zealand)

Our previous manual time sheet system was very expensive in lost production hours per workshop staff member per day by our 15 staff and our administration time per day approximately $90 per workshop staff member per week so our 15 workshop staff was costing us $1,350 per week and costing us $67,500 per year.

Empower Software for our 15 workshop staff is now costing only us $157 per week and only costing us $8,164 per year.

We are confident that using touchscreens on the workshop floor, TV in the workshop and Empower Software we will secure the following:
– 20% or more reduction in manufacturing times
– 50% or more reduction in all forms of our downtime

Calie de Nysschen, Production Manager