Active VMA Engineering (Rotorua, New Zealand)

20% Minimum Less Time on Jobs.  20% Minimum Less Labour Cost on Jobs “Examples of reductions in several typical job times:1.   280 hours down to 200 hours2.   210 hours down to 130 hoursOverall, I estimate we have reduced our time on jobs by at least 20% on average” Greg Smith, Operations and Finance Manager, +64 27 […]

JR Hewitson Carpentry and Joinery (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

30% Less Time on Jobs.  30% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “From using Empower Software at JR Hewitson the staff culture has improved enormously to be job and time focused and consequently our production, productivity and profitability has improved enormously. We have reduced our labour time on jobs by 30%, that is we have reduced […]

Manta Marine Stainless (Auckland, New Zealand)

30% Minimum Less Time on Jobs.  30% Minimum Less Labour Cost on Jobs “We have witnessed a minimum 30% reduction in labour times on jobs therefore 30% labour cost on jobs.  If we turned off Empower today our labour time on jobs and labour cost on jobs would increase 30% which would have a massive […]

Cowdroy Doors (Auckland, New Zealand)

30% Less Time on Jobs.  30% Less Labour Cost on Jobs (planned) “We went live with using Empower Software on our workshop floor this morning.  Within 1 day we have moved from “manufacturing blind” to “manufacturing with 20 / 20 vision”.  Tablets on the workshop floor and the Empower Software app have dragged us out […]

Job Scheduling – (Jan 2020)

BUSINESS CONSULTANTS ADVISE ENGINEERS ON CRITICAL COMPONENTS TO JOB SCHEDULING Working smarter; that’s what it’s all about. NZ Engineer News has approached three of the most experienced business consultants working in the New Zealand engineering space to advise us on job scheduling for engineers. Here’s what they had to say: IAN FEATHERSTONE, OWNER OF GLASS […]


“Empower have completed Stage 1 development of 2 interfaces from Cabinet Vision to Empower.  The first interface automatically transfers New Job and Client information from Cabinet Vision to Empower.  The second interface transfers Bill Of Materials (BOM) listing of materials description, materials code and materials quantity per Job from Cabinet Vision to Empower for Empower […]

EMPOWER SALES UP 400% – February 2021

“In the first seven weeks of 2021 Empower’s software sales are up some 400% on usual levels.  Our new web site has played a critical role in attracting and converting substantially more new clients and the Empower team have “stepped up to the plate” and successfully supported and implemented all new clients in 2021”


“After 18 years of software product development focus and client support focus Empower we are very proud to release our new web site.  No other software company in the world, that we are aware of presents firstly anywhere near 79 client case studies and secondly 20% t0 40%+ reduction in labour times on jobs therefore […]

CNC Solutions (Christchurch, New Zealand)

20+% Less Time on Jobs. 20+% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “I worked for engineering businesses previously, some of which had good and some of which had poor processes, systems and reporting.  When I started CNC Solutions I had a good understanding of why it is essential to have and use good processes, systems and […]

B & M Joinery (Cromwell, New Zealand)

25% Less Time on Jobs. 25% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “Previously we used manual time sheets that workshop staff filled in by hand at day end to record the jobs they worked on and the time they started, finished and spent on each job.  Manual time sheets are more accurately known as “Lie” sheets […]