Chapman Fabrications (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

20% Less Time on Jobs.  20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “I ceased using manual time sheets and instead I now use tablets on my workshop floor and the Empower Workshop Productivity and Scheduling Software App, which costs $76 per week so for my 5 workshop staff I immediately saved approximately $300 per week and […]

Canam Joinery (Auckland, New Zealand)

10% Less Time on Jobs. 10% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “We used to use manual time sheets which were highly inaccurate and incomplete.  Workshop staff could not remember the jobs they worked on so did not record those jobs and staff could not remember their job times and simply made them up.   For 7 […]

Dix Engineering, (Remark, SA, Australia)

20% Less Time on Jobs. 20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “If we turned off Empower today then tomorrow onwards jobs would go back to taking 20% or more longer at 20% higher labour cost. The technology of Empower Software and the workshop floor tablets certainly makes workshop staff aware and engaged and it enables […]

Matakana Kitchens and Joinery, (Matakana, New Zealand)

20% Less Time on Jobs. 20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “I estimate times on jobs are now 20% less using tablets on the workshop floor and Empower Software I view Empower on 50 inch TV screens throughout the day in real time to see:• which staff are working and which staff are not• current […]

TrailLite Motor Homes & Caravans (Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand)

Significant Increase in Factory Productivity “We employ 70 staff…We are building 90 motor homes a year and the price range of each motor home is $250,000 to $350,000 I like the technology of tablets on workshop floor and Empower Software App which provides us accurate to the minute job times, task times and individual staff […]

Accurate Australia (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

30% to 50% Less Time on Jobs.  30% to 50% Less Labour Cost on Jobs Using Empower we have 30% to 50% less time on jobs therefore 30% to 50% less labour cost on jobs The number of jobs we deliver to clients on due date has increased substantially using Empower.  Our DIFOT % (Delivered […]

Lean Manufacturing Australia (Perth, WA, Australia)

20% to 40% Less Time on Jobs “I have seen and used a number of factory floor data collection software tools over the years both here in Australia and the UK, none as good as Empower Software. Using Tablets on workshop floor and Empower Software a 20% to 40% Reduction in Job times is expected […]

Jupiter Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Auckland, New Zealand)

Jupiter Lean Manufacturing Advisor 20% to 30% Factory Productivity Increase “May 2020 I attended a training session on what I now see and conclude to be an exceptional and world class labour management system in the Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software App.  Empower Software perfectly suits SME and larger jobbing manufacturers and engineers”.   Using […]

Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

20% to 40% Increase in Factory Productivity “In 3 full time production management roles for 3 businesses that I have worked for in the last 16 years I have increased each business’s factory productivity by in excess of 100% using Empower Software. Of the 130+ joinery, engineering and other manufacturing clients’ businesses that I have […]

Management Accountant (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

20% to 40% Less Time on Jobs.  20% to 40% Less Labour Cost on Jobs “Tracking factory productivity at an overall company level is useful, but tracking productivity at a person by person level, live using factory PC’s and labour management software, is vital for understanding what’s really going on in the business. I have […]