Learning & Setting Up Empower Within 5 Days

When you come on board with Empower you receive the support to learn and set up Empower and be operating Empower on your workshop floor within 5 days

Empower’s Implementation Support package included in Your Subscription:

1     Training videos

2     Help System, within Empower Software

3     Trial software to use and learn

4     ‘Easy Start’ Screen within Empower Software of key screens and reports to enable you to learn the fundamentals of Empower

You also have:

5     Unlimited email, phone and Teamviewer / Zoom technical support from the Empower office, when you require it

6     Limited Business Consultancy Advice from Empower’s Directors, when you require it

Implementation Support package additonal option:

A Lean Manufacturing Consultant and Production Advisor is available to assist you with: 1) assessment of your workshop floor processes, documentation, systems and reporting requirements and 2) Set Up of Empower Software to suit your specific requirements.  Empower Software heavily subsidise the advisor’s hourly rate so the cost to you is only $50 to $75 per hour (Industry Standard for Lean Consultants is approximately $200 to $350 per hour). You require 1 to 5 Day sessions to get you 1) Assessed and 2) well Set Up, able to be using Empower well at cost $750 to $2500

Investment in a contractor is strongly recommended and hugely beneficial to you – you get Empower set up and implementation: correct, quickly and achieve maximum gains on Empower in shortest possible time frame.

David lawrence

David Lawrence
Lean Manufacturing Consulting
+61 4 0014 5222 dlleanml@gmail.com

David’s CV in Brief:

Empower consider David one of the most experienced, progressive and successful production managers that we are aware of in Australasia.  Outline below

         used Empower Software in progressive joinery and cabinet making businesses daily 20 years

2          assessed and advised 160 new Empower clients over 12 years

3          heavily involved in Empowers new development

4          holds advanced user training sessions with empower clients annually

5          on 3 client sites over 20 years where David was full time production manager, he halved labour time on jobs which halved labout costs of jobs.  This would have conservatively doubled annual profits

Empower 21 Years