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Productivity and Profitability
- track who is working on what in real time
- full back costing of direct labour- even while the job is in progress!
- real time view of all jobs currently in progress with actual versus budget labour hours
- automatically capture direct labour costs for all jobs and compare to budget
- full support for work teams/work cells
- allow factory staff to start and stop job times via mobile phone
- join multiple jobs together into batches or runs of jobs and automatically get labour costs for each individual job
- track and identify rework costs and causes
- attach any type of file (eg pdf, excel, word etc.) to a job for instant view on the factory floor
- generate Work In Progress reports including percentage of work completed, at the touch of a button
- supports all major manufacturing techniques - eg Kanban, Lean manufacturing , etc.

- create your production plan - schedule all jobs with a single click of a button
- full graphical picture of your production schedule calendar, employee schedule calendar and gantt chart with easy to use drag and drop functionality
- supports forward and backward scheduling
- report all jobs that will not be completed on time - even months ahead
- view all jobs scheduled to be completed today
- report jobs scheduled to be completed yesterday that have not been completed yet
- instant communication to factory staff of their prioritised schedule
- analyse resource shortage (machine breakdown, employee sick, etc) and what operations and jobs are affected both now and out into the future
- saves multiple schedules for later retrieval

- instantly view who is on site and who is not
- track an unlimited number of leave types (you decide on the names, eg annual leave, sick leave, etc.)
- easily track historical, current and planned leave
- capture start and end of day times for all staff
- track and analyse downtimes and unproductive times
- allow factory staff to start and stop payroll times via mobile phone texting
- allow factory staff to start and stop times on line
- round start and end times forward or back depending on rules you specify
- comprehensive employee performance reporting
- facial recognition to ensure more security

- over 180 reports, available with a few mouse clicks, allow the vital aspects of your business to be reported on
- reports are easily exported to Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel. You can even send them via email
- frequently used reports can be saved in a favourites folder for quick and easy access
- user friendly report writer that enables you to write your own reports by directly interrogating your data

and many more features too numerous to list here

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