Important Note Before You Start:

• A 10% increase in factory productivity is projected to increase annual profit by 30%
• A 20% increase in factory productivity is projected to increase annual profit by 60%
• A 30% increase in factory productivity is projected to increase annual profit by 90%

Please request our financial template to confirm. Client Case Studies in Full are Available on Request.

Composite Materials Based Manufacturers

Empower 21 Years

27 Fibreglass Boats

Composite Group (Christchurch, New Zealand)

38% Increase in Factory Productivity

"Within 2 years of using Empower software we got our factory staff down from 25 to 18 factory staff whilst retaining our weekly production, which was a 38% increase in our factory productivity.

The 7 staff saving (25 down to 18) we achieved initially in our boat division was a substantial annual wage cost saving. This is also a substantial time and cost saving for the products that we manufacture, which in turned allowed us to substantially more cost competitive in the market place, and more profitable"

Greg Simons, General Manager


28 Contract Fibre Glass Products

Marine Creations (Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand)

57%+ Increase in Factory Productivity

"Using Empower our factory staff level of 22 reduced to 14 - whilst output was maintained.  This saved us $280,000 per year in wage costs.  This is a 57% increase in our factory productivity"

Richard Raynes, Managing
Skype: richard.raynes (nz)


29 Project Boats

McMullen & Wing (Auckland, New Zealand)

Significant Increase in Factory Productivity, Yet to Be Determined

"As a world class boat builder, using Empower we now have a world class software solution for managing our production activity. 

We have witnessed significant factory productivity increases and time saving.

Empower Factory Productivity Software has been a substantial improvement from our previous manual system:

  • Improved factory productivity
  • Improved accuracy of times recorded on jobs
  • Improved management capability 
  • Improved planning
  • Live feed-back of job status and performance, which has reduced our report times from weeks to minutes"

David Porter, Director, +64 9 573 1405, +64 274 486349


30 Equipment Repairs & Servicing

BPF Equipment (Dry Creek, SA, Australia)

15% Increase in Factory Productivity

“We used to use time punching machines that workshop staff punched on and off each jobs.  Workshop staff were not aware of their budgeted times for the job at job start and not aware of their actual time on the job at job end.  Workshop staff worked largely unaware of time on each job and worked at their own pace.

Using Empower we have achieved an estimated 15% increase in factory productivity

John Wright, Workshop Manager, +61 8 8262 1000


31 Plastic Components Machining & Fabrication

Strata Precision Plastics (Hamilton, New Zealand)

25%+ Increase in Factory Productivity

"We have witnessed an estimated 25% increase in factory productivity in the first 2 years.

Empower is an effective job and staff management system which has enabled us to achieve and maintain substantial factory productivity gains that we would not be without.

I recommend Empower Software to other manufacturers because it is very good and effective." Khalif Cable, Production Manager, + 64 7 846 9536 


34 Electrical & Electronic Based Products

Allflex Livestock (Hamilton, New Zealand)

25%+ Less Time on Jobs.  Therefore 25% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

“Using Empower I estimate we achieve a 25% reduction in labour times and labour cost on jobs.  We track and manage all our Downtime on Empower which bring substantial additional time savings

We export Orders and Jobs from SAP via csv spreadsheet and import all into Empower.  So we have one seamless solution – there is no double data entry

Empower’s accurate and real time actual to budgeted times data on Products and Stages of Products is “Gold”. This enables us to achieve and maintain consistent profit on all Products and all Orders”

Philip Cozens, Production Manager Allflex +64 21 403 583

(8 7 2022)

Connex Wire (Auckland, New Zealand)

15% to 20%+ Less Time on Jobs.  Therefore 15% to 20% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

"Labour time on our jobs and therefore our labour cost on jobs has reduced by 15 to 20%.

Empower Software is the tool that allows me to be a professional and thorough production manager. Using Empower I: plan production far better, monitor production far better, get a lot more out of my factory staff team and I build and maintain a high moral and great company culture.

We would not be without Empower Software. We certainly would not go back to “manufacturing in the dark”, as we were manufacturing previously with manual time sheets"

Jay Ropati, Production Manager, +64 21 152 6698