Workshop Floor Touch Screen Set Up & Use

1     Most new clients use 24 inch Touch Screens on the workshop floor for workshop staff to access their job list and start their jobs. 24 inch touch screens are quick, easy and enjoyable for workshop staff to use as font size is larger and easy to read and they are also quick and easy to use. 24 inch touch screens are a 3 in 1 device including computer, monitor and keyboard within the screen. Your workshop staff will enjoy using 24 inch touch screens and they will feel “high tech” in their role, which is important as it keeps all workshop staff and management positive about the Empower project. Touch screens connect to your Local Area Network (LAN) either by CAT6 wire or wirelessly.

2     You need as a “rule of thumb” 1x 24 inch touch screen for every 5 workshop staff, that is 5 workshop staff share 1x 24 inch touch screen – so for example if you have 15 workshop staff you need as a guide 3x 24 inch touch screens. Any workshop staff member can use any of the 24 inch touch screens throughout the workshop to access their job lists and start their Jobs.

3     24 inch touch screens are set up typically in machining area and in the assembly or fabrication area.

4     Workshop staff type in their ID to bring up their personal Job List screen into the 24 inch touchscreens on the workshop floor. Workshop staff view their next Job priority and view and note the budgeted time expected of them and they start the Job by pressing the green button.  Staff finish their current Job by putting in their ID again and pressing the red button at which time an Empower pop up advises them of their budgeted time, actual time and variation in time of the Job they just finished.  Staff then view their next Job and note the budgeted time expected of them and they start this Job by pressing the green button.

  • Workshop staff remain on a Manufacturing Job or a Downtime Job at all time during the day.
  • When staff go to any break Empower puts the time on the Job on hold.
  • Empower does generate Hours Worked reporting for Payroll.

If you are assigning Jobs to and tracking pre production staff in the office on their Tasks for example Design, CNC Programming or Materials Ordering then ‘Empower Factory’ is set up and used on the pre production staff member’s PC.

6     Empower Phone Apps, if you are assigning Jobs to and tracking delivery or off site staff on installation related Tasks then ‘Empower Factory’ can be set up on each staff member’s phone or tablet. Empower is cloud and web based so off site staff are accessing the Empower web site to access their Job lists.

7     50, 65 or 75 inch TV screens are set up on the workshop walls and office walls which display in real time on one key Empower Screen all current Jobs, Tasks, Staff, and Actual & Budgeted time. TV screens need to be Smart TVs able to access the web therefore able to access the Empower Software web site. Staff are listed by category showing whether they are currently on Manufacturing Tasks, Downtime Tasks or Not Logged on (ie Not Working). Also all tasks are colour coded to confirm Task is on schedule or ahead of schedule or currently “late”. This very high level of Job, Individual Staff and Job Times on 50, 65 or 75 inch TV screens continuously throughout the day maximises workshop staff and production management transparency, awareness, accountability, productivity and production.

8   Our clients advise us that Extreme PC and PB Tech in New Zealand are good hardware supplier options for them.  Hardware and hardware set up is entirely your own responsibility, as the client – its your hardware.  Empower are solely Software suppliers.  Contact details for both supplier options as follows

1        Extreme PC

Elvinia Zong GM
Mobile: +64 21 023 85598

 2       PB Tech

Mike Harris, Business Development Manager
Cell: 021 0220 5828

24 inch Touch Screen options for workshop staff use on workshop floor is the common option now with considerable advantages.  These units need to plug in to a computer via HDMI lead and USB lead for enabling the touch function–DisplayPortHD

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