Your Number Of Workshop Staff

Empower Software is suited to manufacturers and engineers with 4 workshop staff up to for example 500 workshop staff.

Manufacturers or engineers with for example 500 workshop staff have real difficulties assigning Jobs and Tasks then tracking and managing Jobs, Tasks and Times of all the Individual Workshop Staff. Empower Software screens, reports and the benefits of Empower are directly applicable to and are equally important to businesses with 500 workshop staff as they are to businesses with 4 workshop staff.

Currently Empower’s largest client has 270 workshop staff. This client uses 16 ‘Sub Factories’ and 36 ‘Work Centres’ within Empower to divide their workshop staff into appropriate staff numbers and groups. The number of ‘Sub Factories’ and ‘Work Centres’ clients can select in Empower is “limitless”.

If you have for example 500 workshop staff or more we welcome the opportunity to Zoom or Teamviewer demonstrate the functionality, screens and reporting of ‘Sub Factories’ and ‘Work Centres’ to you and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with trial software for you to trial and view this functionality, screens and reporting. Empower also welcomes any custom development of functionality, screens or reporting which may or may not be required if you have for example 500 workshop staff or more.

Cloud Technology provides Empower Software with unlimited ‘data processing capacity’ (ie Input Output) to work for any manufacturer or engineer with for example 500 workshop staff or substantially more.

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