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Auto Move Introduction

Moving Scheduled Tasks sometimes require other related Tasks also to be moved (either forward or backward) in either the Schedule or in the Gantt Chart.

 And this can sometimes be complicated - particularly when taking into account Company Vacations, Split Tasks,  Weekends, lead times etc.

Empower makes this very simple and very easy with Drag and Drop Auto Move.


The best way to explain this is with a very simple example - imagine three Tasks - Task 1, 2 and 3 that follow each other.

That are scheduled for say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
 - as per below.


Imagine Task 1 is late for some reason and now should be scheduled for Tuesday - i.e. you are going to drag and drop Task 1 from Monday to Tuesday (see highlighted below).


In many cases it would be expect Tasks 2 and 3 will also need to be moved as well due to the lateness of Task 1 i.e.



Auto Move allows this to be completely automated to take into account following or non following Tasks, Company Vacations and Weekends, Split Tasks etc.

Job end dates can automatically be moved or you can force them to stay as originally scheduled.

Note that the above also applies if you move Tasks backwards in time.  If there are preceeding Tasks then they will also then be automatically moved backwards.

To set up Auto Move see Setting Up Auto Move.

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