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The following terminology is used throughout Empower Materials

  • Actual Time 
Each Task has an Actual Time which is the time actually worked on the Task.

  • Budgeted Time

Each Task has a Budgeted Time which is the time you expect it to be completed in.  For example you may expect that the time to assemble a table is 80 minutes.
Editing Tasks

  • Factory Version

This is the version of Empower Time Track that Employees use to track their time.

  • Management Version
    This version of Empower Time Track provides full setup, edit, control and reporting facilities.

  • Materials
    Materials are used to make Products - examples are steel, wood, screws etc
            See also
            Setting Up Materials

  • Material Groups

Material Groups are groups of Materials, eg you may have a Material Group called Steel Plate that includes Materials called Steel Plate 3mm, Steel Plate 5mm etc
Material Groups
Setting Up Materials 

  • Process 

A Process is a manufacturing operation  – examples of Processes are cut, assemble, paint, etc. You can have an unlimited number of Processes and name them whatever you wish. 
Setting Up Processes 

  • Process Group

A Process Group is a grouping of Processes.  For example you may have a Process Group called Machine Shop. And you may have a various Processes in that Process Group, e.g. Cut, Edge, Press, etc.
Process Groups 

  • Product 

Products are items you manufacture.  They can be complete Products or parts of complete Products.

  • Purchase Orders 

Purchase Orders are raised to purchase Materials from Suppliers.
Purchase Orders
Setting Up Materials
Setting Up Suppliers

  • Suppliers 

Suppliers are organizations you purchase Materials from.
Setting Up Suppliers

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