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Enabling Attachments

To enable Attachments

1.  From the Main Menu, select Tools > Settings - then click on the General Tab and then Attachments (see highlighted below)


2.  Once you have done this you should see a page similar to


3.  Ensure that Enable Attachments is switched on.  

     For more information see 
     Adding Attachments
     Deleting Attachments
     Viewing Attachments in Management.

4.  To show Attachments in the Factory version 
ensure that Show Attachment in Factory is set to True (see highlighted above).  This allows Attachments to be viewed in the Factory version.  

     If you do not wish Employees to view Attachments in the Factory version, set this to False. 
     For more information see
     Viewing Attachments In Factory
     Uploading Attachments from Factory  
5.  To connect or reconnect to Dropbox see Dropbox.

6.  To connect or reconnect to Google Drive see Google Drive.

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