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    Updating QuickBooks Invoices


    Empower Time Track can automatically add a Job to QuickBooks by creating a draft invoice.  

This is created as soon as a Job is created.  For more information - see Adding a Job To QuickBooks.  

This creates a draft invoice with the Products that make up the Job.  As new Products are added or altered they will be reflected in QuickBooks.

Dispatching a Job will also update QuickBooks.  

Empower has Price information at the Job level, so if there is more than one Product in the Job, the Price will always be reflected in QuickBooks in the first item's row.  

For more information on Dispatching Jobs see Dispatching Jobs.   

Note that this will only occur if the Job has previously been added to QuickBooks and if you are still connected to QuickBooks - see Connecting To QuickBooks.


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