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Location Tracking

Empower Time Track allows Location Tracking of Employees via a smart device such as a smart phone or tablet that has assisted Global Positioning System (GPS).

Empower only tracks Employees Locations on a click of an Empower button. After work hours, in evenings and weekends, even with Location On set on their phones Empower cannot report the Employee location unless a button in EMpower is clicked.

Employees only need to turn Location Tracking on on their phone or tablets during work hours.

For more information on 
assisted GPS see Assisted GPS.  For a list of devices that support assisted GPS see Assisted GPS Devices.

Depending on the browser and device being used, Location Tracking tracks an approximate location from a variety of databases based on the data it receives.

It then displays this in Google Maps

For information on how to make the location more accurate see 
Location Tracking Accuracy. 

To set up Location Tracking see Setting Up Location Tracking

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