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Importing Job Data

Empower provides a wizard that allows Job data to be imported
 from a spreadsheet.  Using the wizard can help in reducing potential data entry error.

There are a number of characters that Empower recommends not be used in this spreadsheet - for more information see Special Characters.

 The spreadsheet needs to be in a particular format as follows

  • The Sheet should be called Sheet1
  • Row 1 should have F0 to F43 in it
  • Except for cell A1, the rest of column A should be blank and except for cell B1 the rest of column B MUST have your user name in it
  • All dates should be in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • If you are going to reuse the spreadsheet please delete Job rows from previous imports - this will make the import much faster.

The wizard allows up to 99 rows of data to be imported at once. Each row equates to a Product for a particular Job.  Up to 25 processes for each Product can be imported. 

An example spreadsheet in the format required can be downloaded here.

To start the wizard

 From the main menu go to Tools > Import Jobs > From a Spreadsheet. 

You should see a page similar to


Either drag and drop a file on to the Choose File Button.  If you do this you should see something similar to  


Note the name of the file (highlighted above in yellow) that has been dragged and dropped onto the Choose File button.

Or alternatively click on the Choose file button.

You should see a standard windows type file selection window (see below)


 Navigate to the file you wish to import.

Then select a Template.  A Template is a saved mapping or match up of the fields and spreadsheet columns that you have used on a prior import.  You can have an unlimited number of Templates.

If there are no Templates in the drop down box or if you do not wish to use a previously saved Template click Next to go to Step 2.

 If you do select a Template click Next to go to Step 2.


 Select the columns that matches or maps to the Empower fields and Processes.


  • If Job Priority has no column selected, then the default Priority (as set in the Job tab in Tools > Settings) will be used 
  • Fields that have a red asterix next to them are required fields

For an example, see below on how to map the columns.



 Once completed, click the Next button to go to Step 3.



And click on the green Import button.  Depending on the size of the file, this may take several minutes.

Once completed a message will confirm your data has been imported.

To save the column match ups or mappings in a Template for future imports, so you do not need to select them all again type in a name for the Template and click Save Template.  You can save an unlimited number of Templates.

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