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Search Drop Down Boxes

Throughout Empower there are search drop down boxes that allow for searching of data.  

 As an example of how these work we will use the Job > Edit Job page from Empower Management.


There are two ways to use these type of drop down boxes.

1.  Clicking on the blue box with the down arrow in it will display a list of (in this instance Job number) data.  You can use the scroll bar to the right of the list to scroll up or down to see further data. 


When you see the one you want (in the above example 2829) highlight and click on it (see below).


2.  The second way is to use it to search.  To use this, in the highlighted box below, type in what you would like to search on - in this example we want to search for all Job numbers containing 45.  The drop down box will list all data items with own in them (see below for an example).


Then as before, highlight the one you want and click on it.

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