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The Project Champion

If a carpenter purchased a new saw and never learnt to use it, it would bring the carpenter no benefit whatsoever.  

Empower needs one person in your business (a person Empower calls the
Project Champion) to learn, champion and own the Empower project.  

Its not hard and it doesn't take a lot of time to get the basics up and running, but it does require a little bit of time and effort and focus by this person until he understands the underlying principles and workings of Empower. 

Once the Project Champion has this understanding only then is your business ready to start using and benefiting from using Empower. 

Careful thought should be used in choosing the best possible Project Champion.  The Project Champion should have

  • Some familiarity with software
  • A sound understanding of systems and your business
  • Be involved in providing new work to Employees
  • Good project management, communication skills and have the respect of factory staff.

Empower will support the Project Champion with advice and direction on training, set up and implementation and the ongoing use of Empower in your business. 

As a general guide an average site would require a Project Champion to invest a couple of hours a day for three consecutive days to set up and learn Empower.  

This needs to be quality uninterrupted time away from phone calls, questions from staff, day to day business, putting out fires, etc.  If your Project Champion does not invest this time you will not get Empower Time Track operating correctly. 

The Project Champion needs time to watch the Getting Started Tutorials at Time Track Tutorials and read the Introduction and Getting Started portions of this help system.

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