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Simultaneous Tasks

Empower allows Tasks to be grouped into batches or runs of Tasks.  There are two ways of doing this – by using Projects or by using Simultaneous Tasks.

Normally an Employee can only work on one Task at a time. 

However Simultaneous Jobs allows the Employee to work on more than one Job and the time will be apportioned across the Tasks.

You can set the maximum number of Jobs that each Employee can be worked on simultaneously.  

To do this, from the Management Main Menu, go to Set up > Employee and click on Edit next to the Employee you wish to allow to work on Simultaneous Jobs.


From this page the following can be set:

Max No Simultaneous Tasks

In the example above the Max No Simultaneous Tasks  is set to 2. This means that the Employee can have 2 Tasks running at the same time i.e. can click the green button twice.

 Ratio Type drop down box.

This can be set to either:

Equal where Actual Time is split equally across each Task.  For example if you click on the Start (green) button on 3 Tasks, and should 1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes) of Actual Time be taken, then each Task will get 33  minutes and 20 seconds of Actual Time.

Or Budget where Actual Time is split according to the proportion of the total Budget each Task has.  For example if you have 3 Task, with Budget Times each of 2, 3 and 5 hours and you click on the Start (green) button on all three, then the total Budget for all three added together will be 2 + 3 + 5 = 10 hours.  Should 1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes) of Actual Time be taken on the then the first Task will get 20 minutes of Actual Time, the second 30 minutes and the third 50 minutes.


No Close    

Normally after the Employee Logs on to a Task by either clicking on the green Start button or clicking on the Reassign and Start link in a Work Center page, the page will close and the Employee will need to Log In again by typing in the Log In ID.  Ensuring that the No Close box is set to on will stop these pages from closing, allowing the Employee to rapidly click on several Simultaneous Tasks one after the other.

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