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View Schedule

As well as Automatic Scheduling it is possible to use Empower's Easy Scheduling.

Easy Scheduling overrides Automatic Scheduling by allowing a Schedule to be chosen when the Job is created or edited.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is through an example.

1.  Easy Scheduling is turned off by default - so firstly turn it on. 

To do this

- from the Main Management Menu select Tools > Settings.

- Then on the left hand side of the page select the Scheduling tab - highlighted below.

-  And ensure that Allow Easy Schedule is switched on (see highlighted below).


 2.  Ensure you have a Forward Schedule or Backward Schedule set up.

For this example we will use a Forward Schedule named Easy Forward Sched 4 Day.

This Schedule  will schedule 

- The Step 1 Process 1 day after the Job Received Date

- The Step 2 Process 2 days after the Job Received Date

- etc.

        See highlighted below.   


3.  Finally from the Main Management Menu select Job > New.
You should see a page similar to below - note the new field available to select the Schedule (see highlighted below).

 Enter the job in the normal manner - in this example we will use a Product called Product 1, that has four Processes - Process 1, 2, 3 and

4. Once the Product has been selected, clicking on the drop down box to the right of the Schedule  the Schedule column you will see the various Schedules available - see highlighted below.



In this instance we will select the Schedule Easy Sched Forw 4 Day as per point 2 above.

This will schedule the first Task 1 day after the Job Received Date, the second Task 2 days after etc etc.  See highlighted below.



Some points to note:

1.    Both Forward and Backwards Schedules can be selected.

2. It is even possible to have 2 Products in the same Job and have one set as a Forward Schedule and one as a Backward Schedule    

3. Easy Scheduling overrides Automatic Scheduling.  This means that altering the default Scheduling to Forwards or Backwards (or vice versa) in Tools > Settings has no affect on Tasks scheduled using Easy Schedule. 

4.   Selected Easy Schedules can be edited in the Job > Edit page

5. If an an error message saying "No Processes Match" is displayed (see highlighted below)  this means that none of the Processes in the Product match the Processes in the Schedule - ie in our example above the is no Task 1 , 2, 3 or 4 and so no Processes will be scheduled.

6. It is possible when Importing Job Data to map a field to the Easy Schedule name.

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