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Providing Materials In Factory

When Materials are used up or Provided to a Job this should be recorded in Empower.

 It is possible to do this from the Factory version.

 This can be for all or selected Employees - eg it is possible to allow more senior Employees such as team leaders / foremen etc. to do this - but not for less senior Employees should you wish to do so.

To set this up:

1.  From the Main Management Menu select Tools > Settings.

      Ensure the Time Sheet tab on the left hand side (see highlighted below) is selected and click on the advanced tab (see highlighted below).


2. You should see something similar to


3.   Switch the Allow Material Provided button (see highlighted above) on and click Save.

4.   From the Main Management Menu select Set Up > Employee and click Edit next to one of the Employees you wish to be able to Provide Material to in the Factory.

       You should see a page similar to


5.   Now, in the Factory version after the Employee logs in, a new icon will be visible at the right hand side of each line (see highlighted below).


  6.  After clicking on the icon for the appropriate Job, the Employee can Provide Materials to that Job - see below.


7.  Either start typing in a Material Name or Material Code or select the Name and Code from the drop down list (highlighted above).

     Then enter the Quantity Provided and click Add

     This will remove that quantity of Material from your stock and add it and the related cost to the Job's Bill Of Materials.

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