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Run a Custom Report

To run a previously created Custom Report,  from the Main Management Menu go to Reports > Report Writer > Run Custom Report 

You should see a page similar to


Select a report from the drop down list.  
If you have not yet created a Custom Report or for more details on creating a Custom Report see New Custom Report.

Selecting the No Header check box (highlighted above) will hide the header line in the csv file - i.e. only data will be displayed.

Click on the Run button.

The report will be downloaded to your computer.  Depending on your computer set up, it will be downloaded either to your desktop or to your download folder.

The file may also be visible at the bottom left of your browser.


The report will be saved as a .csv file.  This type of file can be opened and manipulated by Microsoft Excel.

To open the file click on the small arrow to the right of the file name and select Open.

If you want these files to be automatically opened when they have been downloaded, click on the arrow to the right of the file and select always open files of this type.

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