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Setting Up Auto Move

To set up Auto Moving of Scheduled Tasks

Note that there are two ways to use Auto Move

-  Auto Move With Gaps and

Auto Move With No Gaps.

1.  Firstly ensure that Sequencing is set up for your Products - for more information on setting up Sequencing see Sequencing

2.  From the Main Menu go to Tools > Settings. 

     Then select the Scheduling tab (see highlighted below).

    Clicking on Advanced (see highlighted above) displays some additional settings.

    Ensure that Allow Scheduling Auto Move is set to on (as displayed below)


3.  Finally also ensure that Auto Move Last Task is set correctly.


If set to off (as displayed above) the last Task in the Sequence will not be moved from the Scheduled Date, when Auto Moving Tasks.

If set to on, the last Task will be moved e.g. w
hen dragging say the Monday Task to Tuesday and also the Job Required by Date will also be altered.

Empower recommends that if you are not sure of this, that this be left as off. 


The last Task will be moved from its Scheduled date - see highlighted below.


Note that Auto Move also moves when dragging Tasks backwards as well.

Note that Auto Move also works with Gantt Charts

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