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Sometimes it is necessary to make multiple Projects - one for each Process in each selected Job.

For example say you have two Products

  • Product1 and 
  • Product2 

and each has three Processes

  • Cut 
  • Drill and 
  • Assemble.
And you have two Jobs
  • Job1 that has Product 1 and 
  • Job2 that has Product2. 

And you need to make three Projects 
  • The first to have the Cuts from Product1 and Product2
  • The second to have the Drills from Product1 and Product2
  • The third to have the Assembles from Product1 and Product2. 

It would be possible to make three Projects int he normal way - see Projects or alternatively they can all be created in one step.

To do this you should Make a Complete Project.

In the example above if you use a Complete Project three Projects will be created - one for cut, one for drill and one for assemble.

Employees see each Project only – they do not see all the Underlying Tasks that make up each Project.

When each Project is finished the Underlying Tasks for that Project will also be finished with the respective times for each Task (both Budget and Actual times). 

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